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We invite you to have a Reciprocal Link Exchange with Us.

Located below is the html code to create a link to at your site. We have already listed some categories. Choose the one that is right for adding to your site. Once you add any of the following link description to your site, you can submit a site request to us. To ensure that only high quality websites are included, we select all entries manually.

Important Details

The website must be helpful to people interested in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Please do not alter any of the link code.

Websites that would be rejected:

  • Sites encouraging or engaging in copyright infringement, discrimination, credit card fraud, hacking, war, unethical practices and any illegal activity.
  • Sites frequently reported as an illegal or an unethical business.
  • Sites whose primary intent is to redirect users to another site/page.
  • Sites that contain only links to other sites/pages with minimal or no content, whose sole purpose is to get a user to click to another page.
  • Sites with text that is not easily read, either because it is too small or is obscured by the background of the page.

Option 1: HTML Code

Will appear as this:

Baldness Solution - Scalp Flap Surgery
Valuable information on scalp flap surgery as a baldness solution to treat hair loss caused by male pattern baldness.

Option 2: HTML Code

Will appear as this:

Varicose Vein Laser Treatment - Laser Spider Vein Removal
Detailed information on laser spider vein removal procedure - its benefits and risks. And what to expect from this cosmetic surgery.

Option 3: HTML Code

Will appear as this:

Neck Liposuction - Neck Lift Procedure
Valuable information on neck liposuction - benefits and risk of neck lift procedure, and who are the ideal candidates for the procedure.

Option 4: HTML Code

Will appear as this:

Chin Implant - Cosmetic Chin Surgery
Valuable suggestions on chin implant procedures, costs, risks and benefits.

Option 5: HTML Code

Will appear as this:

Collagen Injections for Beauty Enhancement
Risks, benefits and procedure of collagen injections used to plump up lips and volume to faces that are losing fat and bone structure with age.