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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgeries. Breast enhancement includes procedures such as: breast implant surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast lift surgery, nipple enlargement surgery and nipple reduction surgery. It also covers minor procedures like nipple areola tattooing. After procedures on the face, breast enhancement tops the list of improvements women want.
Breast implants, also known as breast augmentation or mammoplasty, is a cosmetic plastic surgery with the intent to enlarge both breasts or one breast when one breast is larger than the other. This corrective surgery enables a more symmetrical appearance.
Simply defined, a breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that temporarily raises and reshapes sagging breasts. The reason the operation is considered temporary in that there is no surgical operation that can permanently keep breasts safe from the forces of gravity.
Breast reduction is appropriate for women with large breasts, since the weight of their breasts can cause various problems including chronic backache. Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. It involves breast size reduction by excising fat, skin, and glandular tissue. In general, it counteracts drooping of the breasts.
It was called a corrective nipple surgery or deformed nipple surgery. It was mainly used to enhance the appearance of breasts that were altered or damaged by the removal of cysts or tumors due to cancer. It is only in recent years that it has been requested as a cosmetic procedure. Healthy women who feel that aesthetically their nipples look too small usually request nipple enlargement surgery.
Nipple reduction surgery is most often requested by women who were born with overly large nipples or areolas (the pigmented area around the nipple). Overly large nipples can cause embarrassment as they may be more visible through clothing as well as make the fitting of bras uncomfortable. Many women also prefer the more demure appearance of smaller nipples as well as a less prominent areola as both are less noticeable under clothing.